• Journal of Scholarly Communication

    Official Journal of the Society of China University Journals.

    The Journal of Scholarly Communication (JSC) is a gold Open Access Journal co-owned by the Society of China University Journals and Inforvidor Academic Service Group Ltd. This journal is an international forum for the publication of peer-reviewed papers covering significant research on and analyses of the full range of scholarly publishing. JSC pays attention to the related theories, methods, technologies, and applications of the entire process of creation, production, publication, and dissemination of academic information, which is in various forms, such as books, periodicals, patents, preprints, datasets, and online information. JSC publishes Reviews, Original Research Articles, Opinions, Technical Notes, and Datasets. Our readership includes publishers, vendors, librarians, academics, and researchers from around the world.

    The Journal of Scholarly Communication welcomes submissions on the following topics:

    • Library and information science
    • Communication science
    • Information management
    • Journal publishing
    • Book publishing
    • Open access
    • Publishing ethics and integrity
    • Scientometrics
    • Publishing of preprints
    • Datasets


    Editor-in-Chief: Shuai Yan (Society of China University Journals, China)

    Frequency: Continuous

    All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived until 2025.

    ©2024 Society of China University Journals and Inforvidor Academic Service Group Ltd.

  • Medical Education and Innovation

    Medical Education and Innovation (MEI) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal about health professional education. We publish papers in the interdisciplinary area of all aspects of international medical education. The journal aims to be a high-level international academic journal that provides a prestigious platform for researchers and practitioners in the focused medical education community.

    Common topics considered by the journal include research related to:


    • Undergraduate students, postgraduate students, residents, medical specialties, formal nursing education, medical professionals continuing education, and students of other health-related professions (if relevant to medical education)
    • Medical staff and teaching faculty development

    Education delivery:

    • Curriculum development, evaluation, implementation, and accreditation
    • Assessment of competence and performance
    • Evidence-informed education
    • Teaching strategies and effectiveness, including innovative teaching methods, technology-based teaching and learning methods, e-learning, medical simulation, and the use of AI in medical education

    Education topics, such as:

    • Clinical competency skills, such as clinical reasoning 
    • Professionalism
    • Ethics of medical practice and academic integrity
    • Soft skills education, including consultation and communication skills
    • Career choice and career planning
    • Recruitment and selection into training programmes
    • Interprofessional collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork
    • Well-being of learners, trainees, and health care professionals, stress and burnout management, support strategies
    • Medical and health education reforms and policies

    Additionally, the journal considers:

    • Research on education and educational methods specific to medical education. Studies relevant to other educational communities which could be applied beyond the medical profession, will be considered only if there is a clear implication for the medical field
    • Studies with regional relevance will be considered only if the findings contribute to the knowledge of the international audience
    • Other studies a clear research component and distinctive insights to the educational community
    • Studies on AI tools are welcome as long as there is a clear implication for medical education, however AI- and LLM-specific research using medical education as evaluation models will not be considered.    


    Editor-in-Chief: Xin Gou (The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, China)

    Frequency: Continuous

    All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived until 2026.

    ©2024 Inforvidor Academic Service Group Ltd.